Articoli Scientifici

Articoli Scientifici

The Emergence of Conditioned Reinforcement from Observation pdf

Evaluation of an Enhanced Stimulus–Stimulus Pairing Procedure to Increase Early Vocalizations of Children with Autism pdf

Establishing Books as Conditioned Reinforcers for Preschool Children as a Function of an Observational Intervention pdf

The Role of the Reflexive Conditioned Motivating Operation (Cmo-R) During Discrete Trial Instruction of Children with Autism pdf

Teaching Eye Contact to Children with Autism: A Conceptual Analysis and Single Case Study pdf

Using Stimulus-Stimulus Pairing and Direct Reinforcement to Teach Vocal Verbal Behavior to Young Children with Autism pdf

A Comparison of Two Pairing Procedures to Establish Praise as a Reinforcer pdf

The Use of Video Modeling to Increase Food Acceptance pdf

Using Video Modeling to Teach a Domestic Skill With an Embedded Social Skill to Adults with Severe Mental Retardation pdf

Using Video Modeling to Teach Complex Play Sequences to a Preschooler with Autism pdf

Interaction of Social and Play Behaviors in Preschoolers with and Without Pervasive Developmental Disorder pdf

Effects of Video Modeling on Social Initiations by Children with Autism pdf

Token Economy pdf

A Comparison of Video Modeling with In Vivo Modeling for Teaching Children with Autism pdf